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By Jon Martindale March 18, Before you go any further, it should be noted that torrents are sometimes used for illegal piracy, and Digital Trends does not condone that use in any guise. The most like old favorite, UTorrent though without the adverts and cryptojackers QBittorrent supports modern torrent client features like magnet links, private torrents, encrypted connections, and remote control via a web user interface. QBittorrent is also widely supportive of modern operating systems. One of its most popular features is the built in search tool.
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20 Best Torrent Search Engines That Still Works In 2019

Only for Researchers P2PGuru When it comes to using torrent search engines, the one thing that most of the users demand is consistency and good torrent options. Any site that has both of them is a definitive win for us. However, ever since the crackdown on the internet, and torrent sites have started, these websites are slowly going off the radar. However, not all is bad as there is a new contender on the block known as P2PGuru. At first glance, you might think of this website as just another torrent website, but once you start exploring it, you will realise that it is so much more than a regular torrent site.

For starters, you get advanced features such as ad-free experience; means that there are going to be no pesky pop-ups or anything else that might come in the way of your overall user experience.

Additionally, the website is a community-driven, so rest assured, that you will never run into any issues. The site is free to use, and even though the database at this moment is not as large as some of the heavy hitters, it is growing on a weekly basis, and new features and updates are rolling out, as well. Guru Ratings is another great feature which presents the average number of rankings from all portals available IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic so it gives a better overview of the quality and popularity of the movies across all these ranking portals.

Overall, P2Pguru. Official Website Torrentz2 This torrents search engine appears as the clone of the original website which was taken down by the authorities due to illegal activities involving the copyright infringement. Torrentz2 combines results from many other torrents finders to present you the results you are looking.

No ads appear on the website, but still, it is advised to use to ad-blockers and other security essentials to avoid any mishap. Official Website Toorgle Toorgle is using the Application Programming Interfaces of Google — the search giant to look for torrents in more than different websites. So far, its index contains website more than any other torrent search engine. Toorgle also works fine in speed and stability because fetches its data from Google directly. It also provides the facility to add its toolbar in firefox browser and Facebook application.

The later is not recommended due to the trust issues. You should never attach your social media account to such websites. Toorgle uses advertisements to generate the revenue so it is advised never to disable your ad-blockers. Official Website XtorX Like many other torrent search engines discussed here. These websites have nothing to do with hosting torrents, they just provide a nicer way to search other torrent websites under on umbrella. XtorX is a clean and simple torrent finder website generating results from the Google using the Custom search feature.

The results are generated very quickly as per query. Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to the next website where the torrent is hosted. Most of the time you will be forwarded to another torrent search website. This is another con of this website.

No ads appear on this website so you should be very careful about your safety. So far, it is known to be the most resilient one. Born in , with many ups and down. Its founders are still facing a case of copyright infringement among other charges in Swedish courts.

It is one of the best alternatives to KAT Torrents. Once this website used to display X-rated ads to generate the review. But now not anymore. Use browse this website without having to worry about the cheap ads.

With millions of traffic each month, this website serves torrent related to movies, music, software and much more.

The website is very simple and user-friendly to use. There is a thing that is quite ugly about this website. These are the new-tab ads which open up on every click. You can even get rid of them using the ad-blockers. Seeds are usually good on this website due to its age and repute. But they do need to use some alternate way to generate revenue instead of these annoying ads that can let them lose their traffic. Official Website ExtraTorrent Extratorrent is one of the widely used and most loved torrent websites on the internet.

This website allows you to search and download free movies, music, software, games, wallpapers, TV Series and much more.

You can also download premium courses of Lynda, Udemy and many other e-learning websites for free here. This website also serves as a good source for torrent related news. Official Website YTS. AG YTS. AG is a wonderful website for torrent lovers. Its a kind of torrent search engine for the movies. User Interface of this website is very simple and easy to use. Just like you are browsing and searching Hulu or Netflix on your browser.

Ads are not that much annoying on this website and can be blocked by simply using the ad-blocker extension on your browser. This website allows you to search a particular torrent in multiple websites using the user-provided search query just like Google and return the results on the Search Engine Result Page. AIO Search has Chrome and Firefox extensions as well that can further ease your search if you are a regular torrent user.

This website has a Facebook application as well which is not recommended to use. Make sure you use the VPN and Ad-blockers before going to any torrent website including this one. Its homepage is designed with Material which gives it beauty and simplicity. The most wonderful thing about TorrentSeeker is that they continuously update their index.

Indexing also includes the small niche and language-specific website which gives you a wider array of search. Official Website TorrentHounds This is one of the most widely attacked websites by the law enforcement agencies around the world but still resilient enough to sustain itself for more than a decade.

Since its launch, it is providing its users with free movies, music, software, books and much more to download. Recently due to increased lawsuits and raids all around the world for similar communities and websites, TorrentHounds is shifting itself to the binary channels where is safer and less prone to the law regulating authorities. Notice of shifting to the Binary channel is available on the top of the website which also helps you to configure it for keep using the website.

Official Website Veoble Veoble is a complete search engine allowing you to make not only normal queries but also for the torrents as well. This website has three tabs in its top navigation bar from where you can select Home for normal search, Torrents for torrent search and Images for Image search.

Veoble index more than a dozen torrent sites. You can also filter down the results using language filters. Veoble uses the Custom Google Search to generate the results. Revenue of this website is generated by ads on the search result page using Google Adsense which looks fine but still advised to use security essentials.

You can also make this website your homepage. The design is pretty much simple but beautiful. The front page looks like you are visiting a search engine of fruits and vegetables, on a lighter note. But inside it is hidden a huge database of movies, music, books, software and much more to download via BitTorrent. This website allows you to search the favourite torrents either by searching via the query on their homepage and also by browsing through categories on the website. The inner interface of that website is not attractive as much as the front page but still, it helps a lot in finding the right thing at the right place.

Official Website Katcr. It is clear that it is not run the same people after it got hit by the authorities a few years ago. You can either search for your favourite torrents or go can browse through the categories. Even if you wish to search in a certain category, you can do using the filtered search which is beta yet but it works fine. The best about this website unlike others that it warns you on to presence of unverified torrents.

It is advised to download the verified torrents only. A top banner on the header of website warns you about the IP-logging which you must not avoid and use the VPNs. You will find this banner and detail to Install the Binary client on the top of their website. If you are not doing the torrenting for very first time, you are quite familiar with the ISO Hunt website and its features. Content here is organized so beautifully. You can get free movies, books, adult content, software, games as well as free news here.

Official Website Zooqle Zooqle is just like the Google to torrent the movies. Not only movies but the TV Series are also available here to download. Everything is organized very beautifully. They verify each torrent before making it available to download for other users.

Movies are available to download in , and even in 3D. The torrent is quite simple. Ads on this website can be easily avoided using the ad-blocker extensions. It is also recommended to use the VPN as well. Official Website Torrents. Me This is one of the most beautifully designed torrent websites. I would love to place on the top of the list only if the design and torrent-related statistics are important.

This website is designed by some great developers.


A free torrent client will do all the hard work for you, downloading and piecing together the files, you just need to pick the one that does. Connect to many different torrent search engines as well as Cloud sources to find millions of Easily access, browse and play all your media in one place. You’ll need a torrent client before you can use a torrent to download movies, music, etc. What We Don’t Like However, it does hide your IP address, resumes downloads, allows streaming video and audio files, offers an.

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Only for Researchers P2PGuru When it comes to using torrent search engines, the one thing that most of the users demand is consistency and good torrent options. Any site that has both of them is a definitive win for us. However, ever since the crackdown on the internet, and torrent sites have started, these websites are slowly going off the radar. However, not all is bad as there is a new contender on the block known as P2PGuru.

Dodge the cryptojackers with the best torrent clients available today

Heather Ferreira, film director, 90s H’wood combat vet As someone directing a feature right now, but who has been forced at certain times to consider downloading music otherwise made distinctly unavailable by the startlingly small cabal of corporations who now own all media in the US, and who dislikes monopolies, I agree with Quora respondent Mr. But my feelings are not mixed. Things are getting better, but I’ve never been rich.

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Do you want to know the free torrent players? Read this article All-in-one tool: video compressor, metadata editor, screen recorder, and more. Free Download. WebTorrent Desktop is in beta. We think it’s pretty sweet, but we’re still working on it. Try it out and let us know what you think!. The Battle Over Vpn Torrent and How to Win It. Publiziert 7. VPNs encrypt all the extroverted online traffic out of your PC. What to Do About Vpn Torrent.

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